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About Our Brand

           As we know, the fashion industry is a mass polluter. It has caused extreme damage to our natural resources and has supported unethical working conditions. If we as consumers continue to demand new garments at such high rates and volume we will exhaust our natural resources and our people. If we don't take action in large and small efforts, there will not be any resourses left to keep up with the high consumer demand. That means the consumer has a choice to continue with their unsustainable habits, or take a step in the right direction to make a change for the better. We see this as an opportunity to help aid consumers to make a change for the better. We see a large problem with the average American throwing away around 80 lbs of clothing per year. (Portela, 2021) This polluting action is disheartening because there are so many better options than to heave your clothes to the dumpster. Our hope for Tailored Thrifts is to provide a new home for items to promote slow fashion. Some may overlook that fashion trends are within a large cycle that continues to rejuvenate old trends. Old styles always come back to life, just like how the Y2K fashion is currently trending. We provide trendy thrifts that are tailored to particular styles. 

The Dark Side Of Fashion That Hides Behind the Glamour

Contributes to Green House Gas

  • On average, 85% of our clothes end up in landfills and are burned. (Portela, 2021)

  • "Fashion accounts for around 10% of greenhouse gas" (BBC, 2020)

Steals and Pollutes Our Waterways

  • Annually, the fashion industry uses 21 trillion gallons of water. (Regan, 2020)

  • “It is estimated that 70% of rivers and lakes are contaminated by the 2.5 billion gallons of wastewater produced by the textile industry.” (EcoWatch)


  • " 48 percent of the supply is still potentially linked with deforestation" (Cernansky, 2020)

  • "...18,600 farms producing cotton..." (CottonMills) 

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Photo: (Calpirg, 2021)

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Photo: (Anthony Ventura, 2018)

Photo: (EcoTextile, 2017)


 Our Vision

  • On Trend

  • In Style

  • Affordable Looks

Our vision is to bring garments back to life and provide them a new home. Fashion repeats itself and with our trend research and forecasting, we are able to predict just when these particular fashion styles will make a comeback. We provide a mix of well-known brands to high-end luxury brands. Thrift stores can be overwhelming at times because the inventory can be extremely disorganized. Therefore, the potential of an item is oftentimes overlooked. That's why we do the treasure hunting for you to ensure we provide you with the best of the best treasures. Our focus revolves around quality. We accomplish this by demonstrating our knowledge of the chemical composition in textiles, so we invest in durable, long-lasting fibers and fabrics to bring to you.

Our Mission

  • Upcycling

  • Creativity

  • Customer Experience

Our Mission is to provide trendy items, promote sustainable shopping habits, and have affordable access. We support these efforts through our trend forecasting and price matching based on competitive research. This allows us to provide trendy tailored thrifts in hopes they will find a new home to be loved and cherished. This avoids items going to the landfill and slows down the consumer-based fashion cycle. There's endless life and opportunity left in a garment, and it's our mission to help shine the light for new customers to see that potential too.

 Our Values

  • Education

  • Sustainability

  • Ethics

We value education on our current climate crisis, along with sustainable efforts. We hope to lead the way in thrift stores gaining popularity in order to encourage upcycling for garments to avoid the landfill. We demonstrate our sustainability efforts within our packaging and only use eco-friendly custom packaging to fulfill orders. 

We understand that the damage has been done to produce these items, but we are their last hope before their soon-to-be unfortunate landfill destination. We are committed to sourcing our products from small, local businesses. As a small business, we understand the hardship we all face and hence why we value giving back to other small businesses.

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